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Laguna Wars
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Following the loss of the Venturer colony ship and a disastrous encounter with Laguna where the Terran fourth and seventh fleets were almost completely destroyed, the Terran military decide to send a fleet of ships that would not be affected by the Lagunan's disorientation device.

The mothball fleet as it became known, featured ships that did not have the more sophisicated instrumentation of their modern counterparts and hence would not be affected by the Lagunan's disorientation weaponry. Spacecraft were sought from all corners of the Federation, of all ages, shapes and sizes. The scenes depicted here build upon the original artwork in the 'Great Space Battles/Laguna Wars' section of the book and provide a background for the scenes, battles and aftermath of the story.

Laguna 9 Patrol
Bryce, November 1999

Event Horizon
POV-Ray, January 1998

Surface Strike
POV-Ray, August 1995

Invasion of Laguna 9
POV-Ray, December 2002

The Breakout
POV-Ray, December 2009

Strike Fleet
POV-Ray, May 1998

Jupiter Defence
POV-Ray, November 1997

Lift Off from Alegis
POV-Ray, August 2001

Destruction of the Oberon
POV-Ray, July 2003

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