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Links and Websites
Here you'll find my collection of useful links that I've built up over a period of time, searching for more information on the TTA Handbooks, other sci-fi artists, digital art resources and anything that I'd thought useful or interesting. Hope they prove to be of use! This page is updated on an irregular basis.

Our affilliate site. Dave Bennett's digital art / web / tech blog, including digital art galleries and musings on technology.

Terran Trade Authority Handbooks and Galactic Encounters Links

Terran Trade Authority Books Background
Philip R. Banks TTA background and information, other sightings of artwork from the books and links. Very useful, includes an interview with Stewart Cowley and more background on the Galactic Encounters series.

Stewart Cowley Published Books
A list of books published by Stewart Cowley at

The TTA on Wikipedia
Wikipedia's background to the Terran Trade Authority Handbooks.

Fred Gambino
Fred was one of the artists to feature artwork in the TTA books, and has now recently released his own book 'Ground Zero' including some of his latest works.

Peter Elson: Sci-Fi Illustrator
The offical website for the great artist, containing many examples of artwork never seen before. Inspirational and a must-see.

Examples of Peter Elsons Artwork
Not an official Peter Elson website (Peter passed away in 1999) but some scanned artwork from Peter's contributions to the TTA books others have been uploaded to this website.

The Unofficial Peter Elson Homepage
A website containing some examples of Peter Elson's work and book covers.

Chris Moore Illustration
Chris was another artist to have artwork included in the TTA books, and also has a book published by Paper Tiger available to purchase.

Jim Burns
Jim Burns - Jim is a legend in the sci-fi and fantasy art world whose work has been exhibited in major exhibitions in Europe and North America. Another of the original TTA contributing artists, Jims website seems to have disappeared from the 'net, including some links to an interview. This link provides a look at his artwork.

Chris Foss Art
Chris Foss Offical Homepage - Chris Foss inspired so many of the other artists that eventually went on to contribute to the TTA books. Absolutely essential visiting!

Colin Hay - Chameleon Arts
Colin produced Science Fiction book illustrations from 1970 to 1980 along with contributions to the TTA books, these are amongst his favourites.

Tony Roberts Art: the Science Fiction Years
Tony contributed a great number of scenes and artwork to the TTA books. I've waited a long time to see Tony's artwork featured on the internet, some of the TTA pieces can be seen here.

Angus McKie
Angus Mckie contributed some of the most famous TTA pieces, including the 'Interstellar Queen' series of images. Angus does not seem to have an active official homepage at the moment, but this link shows off a great deal of his TTA artwork.

TTA Tarantula
A rendering of the TTA Tarantula from Spacecraft 2000-2100AD.

TTA Spacewreck Models
Re-imaginings of some of the Spacewreck book scenes.

Other Space Artists

Roger Dean
Roger Dean is an internationally recognised artist whose work has been featured on posters, books and album covers worldwide. A comprehensive site and kept regulary upto date with news of exhibitions, Rogers site is inspiring and informative.

Renderings of Mars
Renderings of Mars - made with the digital elevation models of the Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter (MOLA). These are visualizations of Mars in ancient, today's and future settings. Made with DEM15.6 and Terragen.

David A. Hardy's AsrtoArt
David Hardy is an internationally-acclaimed space artist who has been producing space-related artwork since the 1950's. His work which is of an extremely high-quality, graces a number of books produced by a number of people including Patrick Moore and material is available to buy on-site.

Space Art of Mark A. Garlick
Mark Garlick produces some fantastic astronomical space art and is a regular contributor to magazines such as 'Sky at Night Magazine'.

Computer graphics art by Armands Auseklis, terrain scenes produced using Pandomedia Mojoworlds.

The Art of Ian Stead
Ian's sci-fi artwork is inspired by the TTA books and the Traveller RPG and many examples of the genre are presented here.

Digital Art Links

POV-Ray Raytracer
POV-Ray - home of the (IMHO!) worlds best raytracing software. Copyrighted freeware, POV-Ray has been updated over the years and is available for a number of operating systems. Home to a large community and collection of resources, is an excellent place to start in the world of digital art.

Chris Colefax POV-Ray Plug-in's
The POV-Ray Include Files Page - Chris Colefax. Chris has created many wonderful include files for POV-Ray, many of which I use myself and are the basis for most of my images. A must-visit! ** SITE UPDATE - December 2009. As Geocities have closed down, I am trying to locate if Chris has moved his website. This link no longer works **

Christoph's Page - POV-Ray
An incredibly useful resource for POV-Ray, demonstrations of different techniques, tutorials and explainations of raytracing. Helpful for the novice and expert alike.
A site dedicated to spacecraft, battles, animations and features with ships from famous series and films including Star Trek, Babylon 5 and Star Wars. Ever wanted to know who would win if the Enterprise took on a Vorlon cruiser? Take a look...

A full-featured website and gallery containing tutorials in Bryce, 3D models and sci-fi stuff to purchase. Excellent site.

Orions Arm
This is a huge colaborative effort by several people to produce a sci-fi background with people contributing artwork, fiction and background material. A massive site with high quality material throughout.

A 3D fractal generator piece of software that can produce some truly beautiful results.

A huge digital elevation modelling resource that has links to USGS DEM data, Mars MOLA models, conversion programs, utilities and much more! Essential!

Inivis AC3D is one of the longest established 3D design software programs available today. In development from 1994 and commercially available since 1996, AC3D has grown to become a highly regarded and popular program. Extremely easy to use and supporting a wide range of import and export formats, AC3D is an excellent modelling program that won't break the bank. Used personally for some of the models that can be seen on Digital Waterfalls.

Artificial Terrain Tools and Software Packages
A list with links of 3D terrain mapping applications.

Starship Modeller
Starship Modeller is the complete information resource for the science fiction, factual space, fantasy, mecha and anime scale model builder.


Solstation is a fantastic site detailling the solar system, near stars, exoplanets, nebulae and stars within 100 light-years (and beyond) and animated maps. Extremely useful resource for people involved in science fiction and non-fiction.

The Hubble Heritage Project
Images from the Hubble Space Telescope.

Moonbase Clavius - Debunking the Moon Hoax
Why we really went to the Moon in 1969 and why conspiracy theorists that say we didn't are talking a load of rubbish.

An Atlas of the Universe
Star maps of the near and far universe.

Real-time Satellite Tracking
Track the international space station and many other satellites. Useful for predicting when the ISS is next going to fly over your house!

Atari links

The Antic Cyber Graphics Software
Antic Cyber Studio and the prehistory of Autodesk 3D Studio and Discreet 3ds Max. Before 3D Studio, there was the Cyber series of 3D modelling packages on the Atari ST. This site details the history (and some nostalgia!) of Cyber Studio. Facinating stuff, even if you're not an Atari fan. Digital Magazine
An on-line magazine dedicated to Atari computers, nostalgia, new developments, ST scene and 8-bit. Now no longer published, but maintained and issues are still available for download.

Atari Magazines and the Classic Computer Archive
Formally the Digital Antic Project, here you'll find electronic versions of the Antic and STart magazines plus a number of other classic computer magazines that are being digitised. Downloads of the cover disks plus a comprehensive index form an excellent site to visit.

Atari Museum
Preserving more than 30 years of Atari history.
Hosted Atari community websites, information and links to Atari consoles and computers.


SOC7 Productions / Spare Room Studio
Chuck Pedersen and I collaborated on a CD (Mission: Critical) some time back (he produced the original music, I did the CD artwork and is still involved in the music scene. Regulary updated, Chuck has a number of samples available for download.

Independence RPGs
John Watts produces RPGs and supplements based on the Cepheus Engine 2D6 SF RPG rules set, I've reviewed a number of his products and have been lucky enough to be able to contribute some of my artwork to some of the Independence Games / Gypsy Knights books.

Zozer Games
Paul Elliot develops and publishes Cepheus Engine prodicts including Hostile and Orbital 2100. The latter I've also contributed a couple of pieces of artwork.

Zozer Games
Omer Golan-Joel has written a number of Cepheus Engine products including Cepheus Deluxe, The Sword of Cepheus and the These Stars Are Ours SF setting.

Traveller RPG - Far Future Enterprises
The Traveller RPG has a new home -, where CDROMs can be bought containing the LBB's (Little Black Books) in PDF format and many other of GDW's role-playing games. Hosted and maintained by Marc Miller, original writer of Traveller.

Citizens of the Imperium
The discussion forum and central place to visit for the Traveller RPG community.

Traveller Map
The traveller map website is a fantastic resource detailling a map of the Traveller RPG third imperium and surrounding states.

Planet Magazine
A free internet-based magazine for upcoming writers and artists containing sci-fi and fantasy fiction.

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