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Spacecraft 2000 - 2030AD
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This background follows the timeline used in the TTA books, building upon the text and images in the book Spacecraft 2000 - 2100AD. It develops some of the ideas and images to illustrate what some of the spacecraft mentioned might have looked like in the years 2000 - 2030AD. Here I have attemped to visualise and illustrate with more detail some of the ships mentioned in the original book, along with some of my own ideas of what spaceflight was like in the thirty-or-so years before contact with the peoples of Alpha Centauri in 2036AD.

Panther Pursuit Ship
POV-Ray, December 2005

TTA Colonial II
POV-Ray, October 2005

SCF19 Lunar Flyer
POV-Ray, November 2005

DeVass Warp Probe
Bryce, November 2006

CA35 Explorer
Bryce, December 2010

C14 Transporter
POV-Ray, December 2005

AAT181 (c. 2013-2063)
POV-Ray, November 2005

Tharsis Orbiter
POV-Ray, October 2006

CA23 Platypus
Bryce, December 2008

MRT103 Spidercrab
Bryce, December 2011

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