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Other TTA, Artist and Art Books
Presented here are some books that are related to the TTA-background plus other books that I have personally sourced that either showcase an artist that helped to contribute to the TTA books. I am also currently in the process of reviewing some other books that the visitors may find useful, as they have been inspirational to me and my artwork. Click on a thumbnail image to find out more.

Other TTA-Related Books
Including books based on the TTA background published by other companies. The new TTA books currently in production by Morrigan Press will be reviewed here soon.

Other Artist Books
These are indepenent books by artists that have contributed to the TTA series, have been loosely involved or are well-known coming from the same period that the TTA series was published.

Other TTA-Related Books

The Space Warriors
Dean, September 1980

Other Artist Books

Ground Zero
Paper Tiger, 2001

The Flights of Icarus
Dragons World, 1984

Space Wars: Worlds and Weapons
Octupus, 1979

Parallel Lines
Dragons Dream, 1981

21st Century Foss
Dragons Dream, 1978

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