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Spacecraft 2000 - 2100AD

The above links to Amazon show two for the original Spacecraft 2000-2100AD, but for two different ISBN numbers -
I hope this widens the choice for the prospective buyer.

Spacecraft 2000 - 2100AD (1978)

The original book in the series, this book details a fictional account from the writers perspective of the forty major types of spacecraft in the years 2000-2100AD and the troubled progress man has made in his journey to the stars. The book is more like a ship identification manual but blends in the 'universe' background and the impact some of the ships had made in their years of service. The book details contact with the Alpha Centaurians, the ensuing Proxima Wars with the race that inhabit the Proxima system and the years of recovery afterwards.

Probably the best book of the series (IMHO!) I've had a copy of this book since it came out and managed to pick up another copy through the Amazon zShops for a reasonable price as the original was looking extremely battered and dog-eared. Prices vary depending upon condition but good copies can be picked up still for 6-35+ GBP. I personally have two hardback copies, though I know that that this is also available in softback cover.

Book Details

Terran Trade Authority Handbook
Writer and Publisher - Stewart Cowley, Hamlyn Publishing Group Limited
Publish Date - 1978
ISBN Number - 0890092117 - or - 0600383385
Contributing Artists and Number of Images - Tony Roberts (10), Angus McKie (15), Bob Layzell (7), Jim Burns (4),
Colin Hay (10), Alan Daniels (1), Peter Goodfellow (1).

Spacecraft 2100 - 2200AD (2006)

I have included a link to Amazon for people who may be interested in purchasing the re-issued version of the original book by Morrigan Press, retitled to reflect a hundred years on from the dates in the Hamlyn edition. I should point out that this book has nothing to do with my gallery of the same name which was established a few years before the new edition was published and follows the 'classic' TTA timeline. This is a simple re-issue employing the same text as the original and advanced on a hundred years, but employing the 3D graphics talents of Adrian Mann who has recreated nearly all of the original scenes. There is some additional material to fill in what happened in the 21st century at the beginning of the book. The book is disappointing in that by just using the artwork from Adrian, there has been a missed opportunity by using artwork from a number of different artists - that for me is what made the original series very special. Copies may be available via resellers, the PDF version that I purchased some time ago is no longer available.
Book Details

Terran Trade Authority Handbook
Writers and Publisher - K. Scott Agnew, Jeff Lilly (authors), Adrian Mann (illustrator), Morrigan Press
Publish Date - 2006
ISBN Number - 097801510X

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