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The final 'official' book by Stewart Cowley, Starliners is probably on a par with the first book 'Spacecraft 2000-2100AD' for quality. Detailling spacetravel in the 23rd century, the book presents the commercial companies and worlds that trade in the federation, along with some of the background to the emergency services that provide aid for stranded travellers.

This book continues the format where the cover artwork is also repeated on the hardback cover, and is extremely rare to obtain. I have only recently (April 2005) been able to obtain my own copy (cost: 30 GBP in very good condition) having had on loan from my brother his copy for the past few years! Unfortunately he wants it back...!

Book Details

Terran Trade Authority Handbook
Writer and Publisher - Stewart Cowley, Hamlyn Publishing Group Limited
Publish Date - 1980
ISBN Number - 0600353575
Contributing Artists and Number of Images - Peter Elson (16), David Hardy (1), Trevor Webb (5), Tony Roberts (2), Chris Moore (9),
David Jackson (1), Fred Gambino (3), Nick Fox (1), Jeffrey Ridge (2), Prieto (1).

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