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This is the third book in the series, personally I think that this is probably the weakest in the series, though there are a large number of fold-out pages to show off the artwork, most of the stories are fairly short. There are some notable exceptions however ('The Graveyard of Beta Pavonis' and the 'Warworld of Alshain' have been long-time favourites of mine) but generally I get the impression there is too much 'white space' on some pages and the format of some of the fold out pages is confusing ie. the accompanying text is two or three pages later.

The book also changes format with the hardback version where the cover artwork is also repeated on the hardback cover, whereas the two previous books have plain covers. I don't know if a softback version is available as I only have the hardback version. An official TTA book this fetches a higher price, average 15 GBP upwards with averages around 25 GBP.

Book Details

Terran Trade Authority Handbook
Writer and Publisher - Stewart Cowley, Hamlyn Publishing Group Limited
Publish Date - 1979
ISBN Number - 0600329909
Contributing Artists and Number of Images - Fred Gambino (10), Tony Roberts (13), Colin Hay (2), Bob Layzell (6),
Angus McKie (4), Peter Elson (3), Alan Daniels (2), Robin Hiddon (2).

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