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Space Patrol

One of the more average additions to the series, the book covers what it is like to join and work for the Space Patrol service in the 24th century. The text covers the complete process from rookie to specialisation in the service and some examples of the types of encounters whilst on active duty. Though the text is reasonable intesresting to read, I do get the impression that the writer is stretching the concept a little thinly and does get a little wearing by half-way through the book. The artwork is ok and does have some very good-quality individual scenes. Copies are available for 6-15 GBP online.

Book Details

Galactic Encounters Series
Writer and Publisher - Steven Caldwell, Intercontinental Book Productions
Publish Date - 1980
ISBN Number - 0517292289
Contributing Artists and Number of Images - Peter Elson (4), Fred Gambino (1), Colin Hay (1),
Bob Layzell (4), Melvyn (1), Chris Moore (3), Cesare Reggiani (7), Jeffrey Ridge (1), Derek Riggs (1), Tony Roberts (2),
Segrelles (6), George Smith (1), Roy Virgo (2).

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