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The Fantastic Planet

Probably the weakest book of the series, this is a single-story format book covering the trials a crashed space patrol encountered with its indigenous alien race and the help it provided in the overthrow of its tyranical rulers.

Not many spacecraft-related images grace its pages, more fantasy (a la 'Conan the Barbarian') style as the race encountered on the planet is quite primitive. Can't say the book lives up to its name, this was the first I tracked down in the Galactic Encounters series. One for completionists only I'm afraid.

Book Details

Galactic Encounters Series
Writer and Publisher - Steven Caldwell, Intercontinental Book Productions
Publish Date - 1980
ISBN Number - 0517292254
Contributing Artists and Number of Images - Les Edwards (2), Peter Elson (7), Nick Fox (3),
Fred Gambino (1), Colin Hay (3), Robin Hiddon (5), Melvyn (8), Angus McKie (1), Terry Oakes (1), Joe Petagno (1), Dave Pether (2).

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