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Aliens in Space

Personally I think this is one of the top three books in the series. It starts off well, covering the background to the two other major races in the TTA universe, the Alpha and Proximan Centaurians, whose description is not even mentioned aside from a couple of hints, in the official TTA handbooks! The book then starts to get a bit wierd and looks at some races such as giant squids and space-borne flies! The artwork is however very good throughout.

Mainly images of the respective races featured but they are of a good quality and the text is interesting to read. Expect to pick up a copy for about 6-12 GBP from an online retailer.

Book Details

Galactic Encounters Series
Writer and Publisher - Steven Caldwell, Intercontinental Book Productions
Publish Date - 1979
ISBN Number - 0517292238
Contributing Artists and Number of Images - Jim Burns (1), Les Edwards (3), Peter Elson (8),
Nick Fox (1), Fred Gambino (1), Peter Goodfellow (2), Bob Layzell (4), Mike Masters (1), Chris Moore (1), Alan Morgan (1),
Angus Mckie (1), Terry Oakes (4), Joe Petagno (2), Tony Roberts (4).

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